Browntech Image Plugin©

The Browntech Image Plugin© may be used only with Internet Explorer to view or print documents on any of the Browntech Document Management Systems© sites. Other browsers must use our Java Applet to view and print.

Note that, if you are using Windows XP or Vista, we strongly recommend that you install the current version of Windows Installer before installing the Plugin.

Click Here to install Version (3.02) of the Browntech Image Plugin©


If you have a problem with the install, please follow these steps:

  1. You may have to temporarily disable your antivirus to install.


  1. Use the Control Panel / Programs and Features function to uninstall any older version(s) of the Browntech Image Plugin© you have installed on your computer.


  1. After the old version has been removed, reboot before installing the new copy. Once you have rebooted, click on the link above to install the new version.


  1. You may need to reboot after installing the software.